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Frequently Ask Questions

How many staff members care for each resident?
ERAH has 16 to 18 staff members that we divide into 3 shifts. The most staffed shift is 6am to 4pm as it is our busiest time of the day at the facility
What type of training does your care staff complete?
All staff at ERAH is fingerprinted by NYSDOH to check for a criminal background. Everyone is first aid certified and receives at least 40 hours of on the job training for the specific position they are in. The staff meets with the Administrator on a once a month basis going over all NYSDOH training criteria. All staff is also trained on medication management 40 hours upon hire and on an ongoing basis as needed.
Are staff trained to care for residents with memory loss or Alzheimer’s?

Staff has a deep knowledge of dementia , memory loss and Alzheimer’s and we meet monthly to continue in house training on all of the aspects.

Are staff onsite 24/7?
There are never less than 2 -3 staff members on site and this is on the overnight shift. During the day there are 5 to 6 staff members and in the evening there are always 3.
Can staff administer medications, and what is that process like?
All staff at ERAH is medication management trained through on the job training and in-service staff meetings and are able to pass medications. There is a medication station in the community room where all meds are distributed per the MAR. All residents medications are signed off by their primary physician and only a physician may make any changes to this MAR
Do you have nurses on staff?
No , we do however have a contract with the local hospital for many available resources. The Administrator has a great rapport with the hospital and many of the staff there on all levels of care
Do you have an in-house physician?
No , the local hospital is approximately 3 miles away and we have a great relation with the Lewis County Rescue and the Lewis County General Hospital
What type of security and safety measures do you have in place?
ERAH has a contract with Doyle Communication which connects the facility to the local sheriff and Fire Department. This system also enables each resident room and bathroom with a security pull system in case of any emergency.
Do you have experience with Alzheimer’s? Parkinson’s? Diabetes? (or the specific diagnosis of your loved one)

The staff at ERAH has ongoing in house training and has access to many valuable materials and resources pertaining to specific diagnosis of all of our residents.

Do you complete an assessment prior to moving in?
In determining and monitoring staffing levels, ERAH considers resident assessments and other factors.
What types of apartments are available?

 We offer private and shared bedrooms.  All other areas of the facility are common use areas.

What is the monthly cost per apartment or the differences in price?

The prices range from $ 3000.00 to $ 5000.00 , depending on situations                   

What is your waitlist policy?

ERAH does normally have a waitlist but situations change on a daily basis and we encourage you to check back as often as you like.  The Administrator also checks in with all families on the waitlist on a bi weekly basis to check the status of your situation and let you know the status of the facilities situation.

Can I meet another family with a loved one in the community?

We would be happy to talk to other family members about meeting with a potential family member

Do you have transportation for doctor’s appointments?

At this time we do not personally transport residents to appointments.  The facility has a contract with the volunteer transportation through the local Office of the Aging and we have a local bus system that is more than happy to pick up and drop back off at the facility.  The volunteer transportation is of no charge and the bus system runs between 2 and 4 dollars.

Do you have an activity calendar?

The facility has music players that come in once or twice a month , the local SPCA is happy to bring animals over for the residents to enjoy and a daily activity schedule consists of many different activities depending on the season , the non-traditional holidays and the traditional holidays.  Arts and crafts are offered as well as bingo and other games.

What additional services are available if the care or personal needs change while living here?

The staff at ERAH assists with all Activity of daily living services

What is your billing policy?

To make it as simple as possible, the monthly rent for a room at ERAH is withdrawn between the 1st and the 5th of the month ( depending on what day you choose) from a checking or savings account. Note:  This is the only form of payment accepted at the facility at this time.

Are there added fees for services or activities?

The monthly rent includes all costs except for prescriptions and incontinence products.

Do you offer hospice and end of life care?

ERAH has a great rapport with our local hospice and if the time arises we will guide you into the right direction for your loved one.


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