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About Us

East Road Adult Home is about living, enjoying life. We focus on care and activities.

Mornings begin with breakfast of the resident's choice served from 7-9am, After breakfast, residents are assisted with any personal care needs they may have, such as bathing, laundry, room cleaning and the like.

Morning activity time begins at 10:30. Activities include trivia games, bingo, puzzles, shared reading, chair kick ball, exercises, Thursday bible study, Saturday movies, and Sunday church services.

They then enjoy some free time before the main meal at noon, This consists of quality meats, potatoes or pasta, home·made breads, rolls and desserts, fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, Diets are modified to meet special dietary needs, and a licensed dietician plans the menu, After lunch, residents are given time to do what they like before afternoon activities begin.

At 2pm, residents are encouraged to take part in resident council meetings, games, tea parties, outside walks, pet therapy, sewing, woodworking, painting and group outings. This is also the time when local groups come in·house to entertain the residents

At 5pm, a light dinner consisting of home·made soups, sandwiches and other dishes are served. Personal care is attended to once again, and movies, TV, music or free time is enjoyed until a snack is served at 8pm.

If someone you love is no longer able to live on their own and needs a place they can call home, East Road Adult Home Inc. may be just what you've been looking for. Jim, his family and his staff are committed to continuing the tradition of quality elder care in Lewis County. For more information or a tour of the facility, please contact Jim.

East Road Adult Home, 7731 East Road, Lowville, NY 13367 - eastroadadulthome.com